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14 February 2017

This Briefing Note sets out an analysis of the Planning reforms outlined in the Housing White Paper together with some CLA commentary.

25 May 2016

This Briefing Note provides a summary of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 Part 6 Planning for England and includes CLA commentary.

04 May 2016

This guidance note provides an explanation of what constitutes commencement of development by reference to the definition of "material operations".


10 November 2016

The law governing horses is very broad and as a landowner it is essential to know about the key considerations when entering into agreements around horses.

07 November 2013

There is a revised version of the Metal Detecting handbook now available to members. It incorporates the changes in the definition of treasure as brought in by the Treasure (Designation) Order 2002.

Property & Business

18 January 2016

It is important for any business – whether it is a start-up, an established concern, or one that is seeking to diversify – to have in place a viable business plan which sets out the strategic, operational and financial aims of the business. A business plan is vital in securing capital or grant funding. Without a viable and robust business plan access to finance will not be available.

Infrastructure & Utilities